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Saturday, July 14, 2012

How to: Eyebrows

Hello Saturday! As requested, I put together a picture tutorial on how I do my eyebrows. (Maybe one day I'll venture into videos...lol.) I know it would be a lot easier to follow if this was a video, but I hope you can at least get the basic idea. :)

Lets begin.....

This is my eyebrow after a few weeks since the last time I groomed them.
It still has its basic shape....Even though I did recently get them professionally waxed for the first time, I have always just shaped and plucked them myself. 

First I brush my eyebrow upward.....

I then take hair cutting shears (or small scissors) and trim them.

Then I brush them downward....

And trim them.

Next, I use tweezers to pluck the unwanted hairs.

*Here's a tip on making sure your basic shape is right.
Take a brush or pen and place it vertical against the side of your nose. Your brow should start right where the brush/pen passes by your brow.

*Then turn the brush/pen at an angle (still keeping the brush based at your nose) passing across the middle of your lid.
This is where your eyebrow should arch.

*Last, angle the brush outward, laying across the end of your eyelid.
This is where your brow should end.

After my basic shape is done, I take a firm small angled eye shadow brush and a matte brown eyeshadow - I used MAC Espresso. (I use a shadow, not a pencil as I feel like it looks more natural, and is easier to make sure they aren't too harsh. Also, never use a pure matte black eyeshadow, even if your hair is black. It will look harsh and fake. Stick with a deep, brownish-black, like MAC Brun. Be sure to only use matte shadow, no shimmer!)

And I start to shade them in.
Hold the brush so the bristles are vertical and the longest part the the angle is on top. This is how I color in the first part of my brow.

Then I turn the brush horizontal and continue to shade in the rest.

This is what they look like fully colored in.

I then take a small firm brush (Real Techniques Detailer Brush from the Core Collection) and a small amount of concealer (MAC Studio Sculpt Concealer)....

And apply under my brow. I do this to make them precise and it also gives a natural highlight to the browbone.

Last I blend the concealer out (downward).

TA-DA! My perfect eyebrow!! :)

Hope you find this helpful!



  1. Awesome!! Gotta try it!!!

  2. Love this!!! Must try!!! I have sparse brows from years of overplucking =(( And I never liked the pencil look.

  3. Ive done my eyebrows once with a pencil but didnt like the outcome i will deffinetly try this looks way better than doing them with pencil